It costs a lot of money to have a booth at a trade show or expo; even having a display table at a fair or showcase can be expensive. You have decided it’s worth the expense because of the access you will have to all those potential customers who are going to attend the event. As you walk into the convention center, you find yourself surrounded by other trade show booths who will be competing against you for the attention of your potential customers. So, besides the traditional methods, how can you stand out and get noticed?

Have you considered proximity marketing? How does it work?

Using GO SERVICES and a small portable device called a GO, businesses can market while at different locations via mobile proximity marketing. The GO allows the vendor to broadcast a message that can show up as a notification on other people’s mobile phones.


The GO can fit in the palm of your hand. The device broadcasts your message and link and can be viewed as a notification by nearby smartphones & devices. Proximity marketing provides you with a solution that is much more affordable and effective than paying for ads in the show directory.

Here are 3 ways the GO can help you get your message out at a trade show:

1. Let them know where you are and what you are selling as they walk in the door!

Strategically place GOs throughout the event directing people to your booth via a series of messages that they can pick up while waiting for the event to open, sitting in the food court, or waiting for an associate who is networking. Imagine what messages you could create that would motivate them to come see you now, look at your website, watch a short commercial, or join your social media pages. The opportunities are endless. The GOs are so affordable when compared to all the other expenses incurred at trade shows, you can invest in as many GOs as your advertising budget will allow, so you could broadcast a different message on a different GO all at the same time!

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2. When you are at the show, it’s not just about the event, but the collateral opportunities while you are in the environment.

The GO is so portable you can put it in your pocket and carry it with you wherever you go. In effect, you would be constantly promoting your offer to the people around you on your way in, while you are out getting coffee, at night when you go for drinks or dinner, or while you are waiting for your Uber or shuttle. It’s always broadcasting, giving your potential clients’ mobile phones and devices the opportunity to receive your message as a notification when they come within range of your GO. Wherever you care to take it, the GO is always working for you to get your message out.

3. Not just for client attraction… the GO is also great for recruiting!

While you are busy selling your products or services, your GO can also be recruiting that next great sales representative for you. Let’s face it, professional courtesy does not allow you to directly approach that great talent you noticed at the booth next to you. But what if they saw your message on their phone and clicked on the link which is part of the notification? This link could bring them to your professional ‘recruitment’ page that provides enough information to encourage interested individuals to fill out a contact form you can now follow up with. With GO SERVICES, you can easily program your GOs on the fly and in real-time with a message or ad to make the connection. You GO is the ultimate sorting sales tool on auto-pilot!

It’s not a beacon… it’s a GO! Because it can do so much more!

So, how can you learn more about proximity marketing and the affordable GO SERVICES?
Easy. To see if proximity marketing could work for you, just contact us to request more information. We will be happy to help you make an informed decision. Be sure to also ask them about the GO PLUS add-on service that will allow you to create ads that can feature offers, coupons or a virtual business card.