7 Tips to Develop Repeat Customers for Your Business

As a successful owner, you know that to maintain and grow your business, you need new and innovative ways to keep your current customers, while expanding your customer base and growing your pipeline. According to Forbes.com getting repeat customers ¹ is one of the root problems facing your business today. Acquiring customers is a significant challenge, but gaining loyal customers is as important to your growth.

Here are seven tips to develop repeat customers for your business using Loyalty Rewards Programs:

  1. Loyalty Points: Customers are offered points per dollar spent and points are available for redemption on future purchases; or Buy One, Get One Free a.k.a. BOGO
  2. Referral Incentives: Here are two options for referral incentives
    • Incentive for providing the referral
    • Incentive when the referral converts to a customer
  3. VIP Membership Club
  4. Contests and Prizes ²
    • Mountain View Grand Resort & Spagave away a two-night getaway to help increase engagement during the late winter, early spring…
    • After Tootsie Roll generated 1 million followers on Facebook, they created a “Pick Your Prize” campaign to thank their followers
  5. Customer Appreciation Events
  6. Seasonal Products ³
    • Starbucks and Taco Bell have ‘fan favorite’ products that are seasonal and are available annually
    • Oreo Cookies offers specialty flavors and colors for different holidays to encourage purchases
  7. Trade-Up Programs

PRO TIP: A cool way that you might recognize a referral is by mailing a personalized “Thank You” note with a gift card inside.

How do you tell your existing customers about your Loyalty Rewards Programs?


Mobile Proximity Marketing Can Help

Mobile Proximity Marketing is a relatively new way for businesses to market their services and products. Using proximity marketing solutions, businesses can now market directly to smartphones with a Bluetooth device called GO. Mobile is increasingly playing a critical role in the B2B customer journey. In fact, 50% of B2B search queries today are made on smartphones. BCG expects that figure to grow to 70% by 2020.4

Here’s how it works…

How could you promote your business in a surprising, new, and effective way?

One very cool, new promotion technique is mobile Proximity Marketing. It has the ability to advertise your business to people where they look the most: on their smartphones!
Imagine a client walking by your shop or, maybe, they are sitting at the business next door having a cup of coffee, when they see a brief message on their phone that says something like “YOU NEED US: WE CAN HELP!” or “SCHEDULE YOUR FREE APPOINTMENT…NOW!” with a clickable link to your website, Google Review, or Social Media site!

Here is how Proximity Marketing Works

When you subscribe to GO SERVICES, you receive a GO, a portable, wireless device that can fit in the palm of your hand. The GOs are very easy to place on the back of sandwich boards, benches, billboards, shop windows or anywhere you see a lot of foot traffic and people looking at their smart devices.
You can decide where to place your GO-based on your target market.
Using the web-based programming platform called GO SERVICES, you craft a variety of targeted 40 character messages, each with a clickable link which can be viewed as a notification on smartphones and devices that come within range.
An optional add-on, called GO PLUS, enables you to easily design an actual ad that includes:
a photo, graphic or video
–  a special or discount to attract a new customer
– details about the offer
– your phone number
– your address
–  and a click-through link to your website or social media site.
Your ad can be saved to people’s mobile phones in an e-wallet, shared by email or text, and even posted to Facebook. How cool is that! As you can see from the chart: reports are available to show you how your GOs are working. You would think this technology would be expensive, but you can have it for less than a cup of coffee a day!