A More Effective Way to Create Exposure to Your Charity’s Cause

There are so many charities or fundraisers out there.  How many of us receive calls from our local Sheriff or Police departments, and/or Fire departments asking for money because they need new equipment.  How often do you just hang up or don’t even answer the phone because you know they are the ones calling?
There are so many charities or fundraisers in need that we want to help.  How many of you receive calls from your local Sheriff or Police department, and/or Fire department asking for money because they need new equipment. Have you sent your child out to knock on a door this year?
The Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts will go door-to-door asking their neighbors and parents’ friends to buy popcorn and cookies.  You will send out emails and/or text messages to friends and family members that are out of town as well. Then you will all spend your weekends at the local stores selling the last of what was pre-ordered.
Your children, the local Girl Scouts are selling cookies to raise money for their troops.  The local Boy Scouts are selling popcorn to raise money for their troops, and the local schools are all raising money for their sports, bands, or drama departments. Then there are all the other causes that are on-going that you want to be a part of! It’s exhausting!
There IS another way to help your local community and schools raise money and help your kiddos sell their popcorn or cookies while also freeing up your time!

Have You Heard of Proximity Marketing?

Proximity marketing, a relatively new technology, is an effective way for charities and local community groups to raise money. GO SERVICES and the GO help businesses market through mobile marketing channels and will help you get your message to your local target market base more efficiently than making thousands of phone calls, or knocking on hundreds of doors. Using this amazing portable marketing technology, a GO, a tiny piece of hardware that fits in the palm of your hand, can go to work with Moms and Dads, or with the groups that are looking to raise money.
Using GO SERVICES, a web-based programming platform, you simply create a message, with a link to your organization’s website, aimed at the area in which each GO will spend the most time. When a smartphone or mobile device that is Bluetooth and Location enabled comes within proximity of a GO, your message can be viewed as a notification with a clickable link.
A GO can be left at the local coffee shop frequented by all walks of life who can view a message specifically targeted to them to help out our local communities and causes.
The list of ideas is vast. With GO SERVICES, multiple targeted messages can be created and changed instantly, so proximity marketing is easily customizable to the targeted market. You can even track the exposures generated by the GO in real-time.  The exposures are your proof that proximity marketing works.

The Power of the GO

Here is a quick testimonial on how proximity marketing has helped raise money for the Arizona Foster child system:
“I am the founder of a non-profit foundation working to have a positive impact on children in Arizona foster child system. I was at the restaurant for a book launch (not related to me or my foundation).  I turned on one GO with this simple message: “Help foster kids like me get out.” That message was on broadcast for just two hours. Here were the results:
  • 297 hits to the website
  • $7,000 in donations!
I can’t imagine a much more powerful demonstration of the effectiveness of this product.”
Using GO SERVICES with messages targeted to each specific audience, local charities are able to effectively market themselves.  Be sure to get back with the person who shared this blog with you to help you get your GO SERVICES set up and start raising money for your charity!

How Proximity Marketing Technology Can Work For You

Here’s how proximity marketing works: You get a tiny wireless piece of hardware that can fit in the palm of your hand called a GO. You can put this GO anywhere in any allowable location or just keep it in your pocket.

Using our web-based platform called GO SERVICES (which is what you pay for), you decide the promotional message and link you want to program your GO with. The GO from broadcasts your message and link and can be viewed as a notification by nearby smartphones and devices with Bluetooth and Location enabled.
There is even an add-on to GO SERVICES called GO PLUS that you can use to share an ad that includes an image, some details about your potential offer, your phone number, and website or video link. This ad can even be saved and shared to other people’s mobile phones and directly to your Facebook account.
You would think this marketing technology would be expensive, but you can have it for only a few dollars a day. So, just because you have a small marketing budget doesn’t mean that you must settle for small marketing thinking.
With this simple and cost-effective advertising and promotion solution, you will be impressed by how many new exposures you will have every time you leave your home.  The more exposures you have, the more new contacts you will be able to collect in a very short period of time – on a very limited marketing budget. And most importantly, proximity marketing works! Now that makes perfect business sense.

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