Motorsport Events Get More Eyes On Their Brand With Proximity Marketing


All through the year, there are fan filled events sponsored by motorsport dealerships and industry-driven businesses. The crowd sees the names and logos on the vehicles, on the banners hanging within the venue, on print ads in the program, and even hears the announcer broadcast sponsor information during the event. There is no doubt that these are traditionally effective advertising media.
Each sponsor at the event is looking to find a way to get even more recognition in winning the race, as well as to sell more of their product to the attending audience.
People at the event are the target market because they have an interest in the industry, and have invested their own money and time to attend the event.  There is one item that almost all of the attendees at these events have on them, and it is their cell phones. A relatively new medium of advertising and marketing enables these cell phones to receive a targeted notification within proximity.
This technology does not need each person’s cell phone number because all smartphones, from 2013 on, are programmed to search for local notifications and deals by just having Bluetooth and Location on.

Three Ways a Motorsports Dealer Can Utilize Proximity Marketing to Promote Events

  1. Create a raffle where the event attendee clicks on a notification like this: “123 Motorsports is raffling an 80-inch television! Click MORE to enter”.  The message will be linked to a landing page that requires a name, address, email address, and phone number. You have just increased your database!
  2. A picture ad notification can be created to show the product the dealership or brand wants to sell.  When the cell phone user sees the message to “Click More to get $$$ off your next purchase,” they can save it to their iPhone or Android wallet for future use or follow the link to a website where they can make an immediate purchase.  You have just gained a customer!
  3. Celebrity Announcers can create a video that the attendees watch with a call to action.  The fans get excited listening to their favorite celebrity at the event and can be directed to purchase, fill out a survey, give a good Yelp review, share amateur pictures of the event, post on a Facebook or Instagram page, or any number of creative activities to stimulate a new and exciting interaction.

How Does Proximity Marketing Work?

Here’s how it works… You have a tiny wireless piece of hardware that can fit in the palm of your hand called a GO that you either carry with you or stick it to your front window or wherever you choose. Using a web-based platform called GO SERVICES, you decide the promotional message and link you want to program on to your GO. The GO broadcasts your message and link and can be viewed as a notification by nearby smartphones & devices.

There is even an add-on to GO SERVICES called GO PLUS that you can use to share an ad that includes
–  details about your upcoming Events
–  Sponsorship Opportunities
–  a discount or a special for a new customer
–  your phone number
–  website or video link or an image
This ad can be saved to people’s smartphones and shared to other smartphones or on Facebook. How cool is that!
You would think this technology would be expensive, but you can utilize it for less than a few dollars a day!
Overcoming the marketing and technology hurdles has been the largest barrier to further business growth for Motorsports Companies. The solution is to communicate and sell future events and sponsorship packages to their client base is Proximity Marketing.