4 Tips to Grow Your Health & Wellness Clinic


Health and Wellness Clinics, also known as Complementary, Integrative and Alternative1 Medicine Clinics, Grow with Strategic Marketing. There has been a steady increase in the use of Alternative Therapies over recent years.2Initially, you had to go to one clinic to get physiotherapy and another to get acupuncture and so on. This has led to the creation of Health and Wellness Clinics which are truly a ‘one stop shop’ for all the client’s treatment needs.

A clinic can encompass the following different modalities (modes of treatment):

  1. Registered Massage Therapy
  2. Chiropractic
  3. Physical Therapy aka Physiotherapy
  4. Osteopathy3
  5. Acupuncture and Acupressure
  6. Traditional Chinese Medicine
  7. Naturopathic Medicine
  8. Clinical Counseling
  9. Yoga
  10. Aromatherapy
  11. Nutritionist
  12. Herbal Medicine
  13. Hypnosis

With the growing wellness marketplace, how does a Health and Wellness Clinic stay a step ahead of their competition? Here are four marketing strategy tips that can help you succeed.

Tip #1 Offer Incentives:

Create a special offer for the first visit to encourage consumers seeking health solutions to experience all of the included benefits of your Health and Wellness Clinic. Good examples include:
  • Free product with purchase
  • Consultation Package of Multiple Modalities
  • Gift certificate for future service

Satisfied clients then share their experience and your clinic’s information with their friends and family.

Tip #2  Remind:

Send out reminders via email, text, or phone call to your existing clients that they may have unused insurance benefits still available before the end of their benefit year. This reminder can reach them, but also posting to social media, can remind potential new clients of these benefits, driving new and repeat sales.

Tip #3 Educate:

Provide information about your services and what a new patient can expect from the different treatment modalities offered at your clinic. This can easily be done by sharing links to your online library of resources and videos. When your target market understands your philosophy, treatment plan and how it will benefit them, they are more likely to try and continue ongoing services.

Tip #4 Communicate:

In the past, when your Health and Wellness Clinic was busy with clients or when you had closed for the day, you could not communicate with possible new clients and it could cost you sales. Now with the help of new Proximity Marketing technology, you can provide information about your clinic, even when you’re closed or during your busiest times with the use of a GO: a tiny piece of hardware that fits in the palm of your hand and broadcasts your message and a clickable link. A simple sign in the window can direct them to look for a notification on their smartphone or device which leads them to your video, menu of services, your educational website, social media account or any clickable link!

Flexible Marketing Technology Now Available

Proximity marketing is a growing hot trend. It is scalable, affordable, flexible, and accessible from smartphones and devices. Through the use of proximity technology, you can now reach your target audience using GO SERVICES from Textiso, a leader in proximity marketing solutions for business. Using GO SERVICES provides you the ability to broadcast promotions, video, messages or incentives that can be conveniently viewed on smart devices. It’s like carrying a digital billboard with you! You can locate a few GOs where your potential clients frequent, and also keep a GO on location at your business. The GOs are very easy to place on the back of sandwich boards, benches, billboards, shop windows or anywhere you see a lot of foot traffic and people looking at their smart devices.
There is even an add-on to GO SERVICES called GO PLUS that you can use to share an ad that includes an image, some details about your potential offer, your phone number, and website or video link. This ad can even be saved and shared to other people’s mobile phones and directly to your Facebook account.
You would think this marketing technology would be expensive, but you can have it for only a few dollars a day! So, just because you have a small marketing budget doesn’t mean that you must settle for small marketing thinking. These four strategic marketing methods make it faster and more affordable to communicate with your target market.

Growing your Health and Wellness Clinic 24/7/365 has never been easier!

2“In 2012, 33.2% of U.S. adults used complementary health approaches. This is similar to the percentages in 2007 (35.5%) and 2002 (32.3%).” https://nccih.nih.gov/research/statistics/NHIS/2012
3 Osteopathy is a type of alternative medicine that emphasizes manual readjustments, myofascial release and other physical manipulation of muscle tissue and bones. Practitioners of osteopathy are referred to as osteopaths. Wikipedia
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