Stand out From the Crowd

It takes a lot to stand out these days. There is more competition than ever, and in order to get customers to your truck, excellent food is just the prerequisite for entry. Your customers know they have plenty of options. It’s critical that you do something to help direct them to your truck. Not doing so could very well jeopardize your whole business. But how can you most effectively cut through all the competitive clutter without spending a fortune in the process, or paying for programs that can't really show their effectiveness?

Mobile Marketing to the Rescue with our New Go Proximity Services

SMS text messaging is one of the most effective ways to reach customers. It’s a relatively new form of marketing when compared to more traditional channels such as newspaper ads, television commercials and billboards, and the most cost-effective of them all.

With a 98% open rate, text message marketing virtually guarantees that your message will be noticed. There’s also a 93% chance that it will be read within just three minutes of receipt. How about that for impact!

With SMS you can

  • Let your customers know where you are.
  • Communicate your latest offers and specials to bring them to you.
  • Build a unique customer database that you can mine for future business (and when your list reaches critical mass, you can roll-out a full-blown loyalty program with our loyalty kiosk).

SMS text messaging for Food Truck businesses provides the most efficient and cost-effective new way to get noticed and boost your business.

If you own a food truck and aren't using text marketing, you're leaving free money on the table. This is a great way to engage with customers of all ages, and increase daily foot traffic. Our food truck customers love taking advantage of text to win contests, birthday rewards, MMS messaging, and more.

Get ready to Up your Game with the Latest in Proximity Marketing from Textiso


Chances are, if you are a mobile food vendor with a food stand or food truck, you are wondering what’s the best way to get the word out about your business – where are the places to set up a mobile food truck that give customers ease of access and are also in high traffic areas?  You depend on people spotting you and being curious enough to stop in.

According to the National Food Truck Association in Washington, DC “The food truck industry remains the fastest growing branch of the food service industry, growing from $650 million in 2013 to a projected $2.7 billion in 2017. “

New Way to Market for Businesses on the Move

One of the best ways to market on a budget is with proximity marketing. You have probably never heard of it! But, for approximately 7 years, some of the top retailers in the world have been using proximity marketing with massive success. Recently, this technology has become available to ANY business. It is VERY affordable and very easy to use.

What is Proximity Marketing?

Simply stated, proximity marketing is marketing to people nearby. Many of us hear about ‘shop local,’ but now you can use technology to bring customers right to you instead of attempting to find them through expensive advertising campaigns. Being mobile, you need to market while on the move. This is what proximity marketing does so well. It can reach the people who are nearby to your business.

Leading the Way

For a very reasonable and affordable monthly subscription fee, you can have your messages and ads seen as a notification on nearby smartphones and devices by potential customers. Who doesn’t constantly check their phones? Just think of how you use your smartphone on a daily basis.

How It Works

It’s actually very simple! Textiso gives you a tiny wireless device that fits in your pocket, purse, and yes, even the palm of your hand, called a GO. You can stick this to your vehicle window, on a sandwich board or many other locations that could provide exposures to lots of people.
Easily program your GO using the GO SERVICES web-based platform with messages, ads or with your special offer. The GO will broadcast the message 24/7 on your behalf. The message is visible on nearby smartphones and devices. The GO is working to promote your business even when you’re not.

It’s not a Beacon. It’s a GO!

The GO contains proprietary technology and can broadcast to a much larger area. This makes the GO superior to other devices and beacons in every respect.
The greatest advantage the GO has is the web-based platform: GO SERVICES.  You use the platform to program your GOs, in real-time, with the messages and ads you want to broadcast. You can quickly and easily change these messages and ads ‘on-the-fly.’ With the available packages, you can have multiple GOs broadcasting different messages and ads, located in different places: this makes the GO unique in the proximity marketing space.
The GO SERVICES platform, offers a basic service called, of course, GO BASIC which allows you to broadcast a message and clickable link as part of the notification that can be seen by nearby customers.GO also offers an add-on to GO BASIC, called GO PLUS, which allows you to use graphics, photos and even videos along with a description, an offer, contact information, as well as a live link.
One of the best features of the GO SERVICES platform is that it allows you to track the daily exposures and performance of every GO so you can quickly identify what messages and ads are working well for your business.
Proximity Marketing can be more effective and way more cost-efficient than a full-page ad in your local newspaper or a heavily-distributed paper like USA Today that could cost you thousands of dollars per ad. With proximity marketing solutions, you could get a full year’s worth of ongoing promotion and advertising for a lot less money.

Combine SMS with Proximity Marketing for an unbeatable combination!

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