Proximity Marketing Can Help Your Business at the Farmers Market

Do you have a small business without a fixed location? Get the benefits of a storefront at a Farmers Market or Craft Fair or Festival using Proximity Marketing and the GO.
Brick and mortar businesses are beginning to realize the benefit of proximity marketing. Now the opportunity is available to mobile businesses, who move from location to location, to use GO SERVICES from Textiso, a leader in proximity marketing solutions and an avid supporter of local businesses.

What is Proximity Marketing?

Using a small portable piece of hardware called a GO that can fit in the palm of your hand, Textiso enables small growers, crafters and vendors at fairs, flea markets, farmers markets and festivals, to advertise their specials, offers, locations, and products and services via proximity marketing.

Proximity Marketing Can Help Artists and Artisans at Crafters Markets and Craft Shows

The GO uses the GO SERVICES web-based platform to create and program the GO, in real-time with messages (with GO BASIC) and ads (with GO PLUS). GO BASIC and GO PLUS are part of the GO SERVICES platform.
The GO allows the vendor to broadcast a message to nearby phones and devices. The message shows up as a notification on enabled mobile devices that come within the GO’s range. This message can let your customers know what you are promoting and where to find you. It also provides a link to your website or a landing page – it’s your choice! For a few dollars more, you can even upgrade from GO BASIC to the GO PLUS add-on and use it to create and display ads on your GO. Your ad can include a photo, graphic or video; details about your offer or coupon; a direct link to your website; and phone number to call you immediately.

Flea Market Vendors Businesses Are Benefiting From the Use of Proximity Marketing.

If your customer wants to contact you later, they can even share it with others or save it to their eWallet. If they really like what they see, they also have the choice to share your ad directly to their Facebook page. Imagine being able to let people know where to find you at an event, or where you can be found at the next one! Allow them to opt-in instantly through your social media channel or buy later from your website. The opportunities are endless.

How Proximity Marketing Technology Can Work For You

Here’s how proximity marketing works: You get a tiny wireless piece of hardware that can fit in the palm of your hand called a GO. You can put this GO anywhere in any allowable location or just keep it in your pocket.

Using our web-based platform called GO SERVICES (which is what you pay for), you decide the promotional message and link you want to program your GO with. The GO from broadcasts your message and link and can be viewed as a notification by nearby smartphones and devices with Bluetooth and Location enabled.
There is even an add-on to GO SERVICES called GO PLUS that you can use to share an ad that includes an image, some details about your potential offer, your phone number, and website or video link. This ad can even be saved and shared to other people’s mobile phones and directly to your Facebook account.
You would think this marketing technology would be expensive, but you can have it for only a few dollars a day. So, just because you have a small marketing budget doesn’t mean that you must settle for small marketing thinking.
With this simple and cost-effective advertising and promotion solution, you will be impressed by how many new exposures you will have every time you leave your home.  The more exposures you have, the more new contacts you will be able to collect in a very short period of time – on a very limited marketing budget. And most importantly, proximity marketing works! Now that makes perfect business sense.

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