3 Ways Proximity Marketing Can Help Community Theaters Combat Marketing Challenges

Community theaters have been experiencing a hit to their bottom dollar because of a decrease in revenues as a result of declining attendance numbers and increasing operational expenses.

Here are three ways Proximity Marketing can help your community theater combat these challenges.

1. Enabling Fixed Advertising Costs

Forward-thinking publicity managers are expanding their marketing strategies to include more than just traditional advertising. However, most web-based marketing, such as sponsored Facebook posts and Google ads, is charged on a per-exposure or per-click basis, which makes budgeting difficult. If you are not converting most of your prospects to paying customers, your community theater will need to increase spending to increase exposure, so the price of advertising can sky-rocket.

Forward-thinking publicity managers are expanding their marketing strategies

An alternative method of creating exposure to your community theater is through GO SERVICES and Textiso, a leader in proximity marketing solutions. This subscription-based service provides a fixed monthly cost, no matter how many times your ad is viewed. GO SERVICES offers two options to promote your community theater using proximity marketing: GO BASIC and GO PLUS.
With GO BASIC, you create a message with a clickable link. With every GO SERVICES subscription, you receive a GO which enables your message to be viewed on nearby phones and mobile devices. With the GO PLUS add-on service, an ad version provides various methods for people who view your ad to share it with friends and family, call directly to the box office or visit your website. You can even include a coupon they can save to their phones.

2. Driving Subscription Sales

Proximity Marketing Can Help Community Theaters
Imagine you have a patron enjoying the show—of course you do, your show is fantastic! In your program, there is a simple message saying, “Enjoying this production? Check your phone to become a season subscriber.” Using GO SERVICES and the GO, you create a message that can be displayed on your patron’s phone with a link to your online subscription page.

Since the GO is portable, you can advertise your upcoming season everywhere you go.

3. Finding New Rental Clients

Does your theater sit empty between productions? Would you like to increase rental revenues? You can use Proximity Marketing to advertise to a much wider audience letting them know your theater is available for rentals.
Imagine the range of your advertising if you asked your staff or volunteers to take your GO with them when they are not at the theater.

How Proximity Marketing Works

Proximity Marketing is the hottest trend that is affordable, flexible and accessible from almost all phones and devices. Through the use of proximity technology, you can now reach your target audience for promotions, messages, coupons or incentives. Textiso is a leader in proximity marketing solutions.
With GO, you get a tiny wireless piece of hardware that can fit in the palm of your hand called a GO. It’s like a digital billboard you can carry with you. You can locate a few GOs where a lot of your potential customers pass by and keep a GO at your community theater. The GOs are weather resistant so you can even use them outside.
You decide the promotional message and link you want to program on your GO. The GO broadcasts your message and link which can be viewed as a notification by nearby phones and mobile devices. Why is this a good way to market? Because everyone carries their phone with them everywhere as well as using it for all forms of news and information. Seeing the notification on your phone is a lot like viewing your social media notifications.
The GO SERVICES platform will even track the number of exposures you get every day so you can easily confirm that proximity marketing works for you and your community theater.
The GO automatically promotes your business and attracts new customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Having the GO working for your business 24/7 gives you more time to do what’s most important – making sure your clients enjoy their night out at the theater.

When combined with your website and other marketing strategies, proximity marketing works.