Text Marketing

Textiso provides industry-leading web-based software for mobile marketing and communications. We pride ourselves on delivering best in class software that is versatile and easy to use, as well as unparalleled customer support to our clients and partners.


MMS Messaging

Deliver rich MMS content to subscriber handsets. MMS can include audio, video, pictures, and up to 500 characters of text.
Mobile Coupon
Mobile Surveys

Mobile Coupons

Use digital coupons to deliver visually appealing offers that can be redeemed and tracked.

Mobile Surveys

Mobile surveys are a great way to receive instant feedback from your contacts.

Text to Win

Drive results by offering your contacts a Text to Win opportunity.

Mobile Trivia

Engage your audience with fun mobile trivia delivered via text message.

Mobile Trivia

Loyalty Kiosk

The Digital Loyalty Kiosk is a Loyalty System that rewards customers and drives revenue using text messaging. Textiso's Loyalty Kiosk is an easy-to-use digital display that provides customers with a user friendly way to join a mobile club, check-in to a loyalty program, and/or redeem a coupon. This solutions enables businesses to engage and reward their customers like never before!

Leverage Textiso's NEW Digital Kiosk Software to design a custom kiosk experience for your customers, enabling them to join a mobile club, redeem a coupon, or check into a loyalty program. The digital kiosk is guaranteed to drive participation by offering an immersive experience for contacts.



Build Your Customer List

Build your customer list effortlessly so you can connect with customers when you want. Start collecting your customers’ most important number — their cell phone — and create relationships that increase the three R’s: repeat business, referrals, and reviews

  • Tablet experience custom-designed to build your brand
  • Video integrated for deep engagement
  • Showcase specials, events, new products to drive revenue
  • Quick and easy for customers to use — no punch-cards or apps!
  • WiFi and 3G-enabled to back up your customer list to the cloud

Send Personalized Texts, Automatically

Rekindle relationships with customers who haven’t visited in a while to drive them back in. System sends personalized texts to hundreds or thousands of customers, automatically.

  • Automatically sent based upon last check-in (customizable)
  • Includes number of check-in’s away from reward
  • Customize message templates
  • Offer one-time reward to drive visits
  • Measure success with detailed reporting

Generate More Reviews with Higher Ratings

Remind customers to write a review after their visit using text message and grow your number of reviews and increase ratings

  • Authenticated reviews based on real customers
  • Reminder sent after check-in (customizable)
  • Choose where review is published
  • Request positive reviews be shared
  • Simple reply feature

Text Services

Mobile Marketing Software

Our mobile marketing software is an easy to use, web-based text messaging software that allows small, medium, and large enterprises to independently create and manage interactive mobile campaigns. Textiso's cutting-edge software platform enables our clients to leverage a wide range of toolsets designed to maximize ROI by complimenting a company's overall marketing strategy.

Short Codes

Short Codes are used to deliver high volume messaging to opt-in subscribers. We help guide you through the provisioning process.

Long Codes

Long Codes are used for one-on-one messaging that is non-marketing related.

Emergency Alerts

Send time sensitive alerts to your constituents with important information.

Text to Pledge

Non profits and charities can use Text to Pledge to engage LIVE audiences with giving initiatives.

Web Forms

Design customizable opt-in web forms that can be integrated into your website and Facebook fan pages.


Text Reminders

Increase ROI and reduce overall operating costs by utilizing text message reminders for appointments. The Text Reminder Workstation lets you schedule appointment reminders and communicate one on one with customers using a simple text messaging interface.

Text to Screen

Engage a LIVE audience with real-time interactive Text to Screen.



Our design process involves a thorough review of your business model and marketing mix. We work hand in hand with your organization to explore different mobile solutions that provide strategic value for your business and it's customers. Our experts will provide an ongoing analysis of your mobile efforts. We'll dissect your strategy to determine what worked well and what can be done differently to ensure it works better! A well designed mobile strategy paves the way for EXECUTION which is mission critical to achieving the desired results. Our mobile consulting experts will help ensure proper execution of your mobile strategy across all channels.


With valuable industry insight and experience, our experts provide valuable guidance to ensure your mobile communications adhere to Federal guidelines and industry best practices.
In addition to helping you design and execute a mobile strategy, our team will be there to provide comprehensive support every step of the way.

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